100 Days of Art: Day 1

Each Day I will post a corresponding blog post about each artwork with the title and information about the artwork along with a story behind the artwork. Title: Blue Orchid I Size: 5"x5" Medium: India ink, blue ink and silver iridescent ink Paper: 140 lb cold press watercolor paper With this drawing, I found a... Continue Reading →


Those of you who follow my Facebook page know that recently I postponed the 100 days of art project due to a loss in my family. It was very unexpected and it will take time for us to all grieve this great loss. I considered ending my 100 Days of Art project, as it was... Continue Reading →

The Naturally Talented Artist

First let's define "Natural talent." Definition: Natural talent is an innate or inborn gift for a specific activity, either allowing one to demonstrate some immediate skill without practice, or to gain skill rapidly with minimal practice. I have been told that I am "naturally talented" on more than one occasion. It's a lovely compliment and... Continue Reading →

Hello? Can you hear me?

I thought I would take some time to write about finding your voice as an artist. I really want to share my journey and help others find their way through the maze of being an artist. So first, let's define what a artist's voice is and isn't. What it IS: A unique artistic style that... Continue Reading →

Oh, Cat Sniffing Daisies!

Something that I have come across a lot lately is having to choose to say "no." It is something that I am not very used to and am having to force myself to do for my own sanity. I've been contacted for multiple commissions, by people I adore, but I am having to disappoint and... Continue Reading →

100 Days of Art

What do you do when you are super busy and have a toddler...you add more work!! Woohoo! Just Kidding. Recently I was listening to a video podcast produced by "How to sell art online" that is an interview with Jolie Guillebeau. Ms. Guillebeau had created 100 artworks in a 100 days and had interesting results.... Continue Reading →

When Roles Collide

I am a wife. I am a mom. I am a designer. I am an artist. I am a full-time graphic designer by day and an artist by night. I am a serious multi-tasker. I have recently been thinking about my various roles and how it may look from the outside in, so I wanted... Continue Reading →

Donating “Holy thou art”

I am so excited to share this new development! For years now I have wanted to do something for a local non-profit group called The Wellhouse. I was pondering selling artwork to donate the proceeds to the group. I researched it and tried to find some way to use my art to help others...any group,... Continue Reading →

State of a Nation

This is my most recent work. I completed it a couple months ago, but it has been a WIP that was a long time coming. I can't honestly remember when this idea popped into my head, but I remember talking to a friend about it almost 7 years ago. I am not a big political... Continue Reading →

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