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It’s a journey

Lately I have been feeling pulled in so many directions, it’s crazy. My ideas are piling up beside me as I try to spend detailed time on each and every project. 

Recently I even had to recreate one piece all over again. I have many commissions that are on a waiting list. My social media accounts are coasting and my mind is racing 20 projects ahead.

This weekend I will be in a Chalk Art Contest at The Summit in Birmingham, AL. It’s the first one they have ever had and it has been a process to get to be involved. I normally work with a team of ladies when we gather annually to get dirty and make chalk art at another local festival, FLIMP in Montgomery, AL. So this will be unique in that it is a different contest and I will be on my own.

I have a series that has been waiting patiently in the wings, The Grimms Fairy Tales. I already have about 5 artworks in mind for it, but they are just that…in my mind.

On top of that I have been sick throughout the month of October and just when I thought I was over it, it got worse. I had to reschedule my dentists appointments 3 times now because of it, miss fun gatherings, and avoid people in general.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a local gallery, to be announced, to carry some of my artwork and prints. I have been assembling prints, artworks, cards, stickers to pack up and present in the hopes of landing a spot.

Now, why am I sharing this with you?

I have so many exciting projects on the horizon and life keeps moving…I had to rearrange the way I was doing things. I have planned to start my days WAY earlier in order to get more done and make more room for the most important, family. I could work my fingers to the bone, but down time is just as important as work time.

I think there is nothing more uninspiring that trudging through and pushing my hands to the brink of cramps and in the midst of it all not getting to have some time to just play. I think so many adults forget to play and it’s probably the one thing that can help in the larger scheme of things. Rest, Play, Repeat.



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