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Getting your hands dirty

Once you schedule the start date of your 100 days of Art project and announce it to others where do you begin? How do you do the work and get the ideas?

First create an event on the day of your chosen start date from your artist Facebook page. From here you can invite friends and family. I just chose 8 AM for the time. I did post a few reminders within this event leading up to the start date. (only 1 a week, making sure not to spam)

Next consider making a post on your personal facebook page about the event (project). I chose to ask people for subjet matter they would like to see. You could ask about colors or sizes anything to give your friends and family some ownership in the project. Having given you choices they will be more excited and more likely to tune in (which is the goal).

Then I began to plan out my ideas. I simply took out a pad of paper and wrote down the numbers 1-50 and began filling in ideas that I had wanted to work on. I pulled from ideas I had in the past and added in some new ones. I began with 50 ideas in mind. This is where you can take inspiration from the post you created asking for ideas. You don’t have to do them all or exactly as requested. I tended to pick and choose and even change the ideas a bit to my own style.

This is about 2 weeks before the start date and I began working diligently. I created 10 or so artworks ranging from 4″x6″ to 5″x5″ to start. My medium of pen and ink is quite detailed, so I chose to start small. These artworks would be in the $1-$20 range as well.

I took pause in offering such ridiculous pricing, however in the end I reminded myself that I am not trying to pay my bills, I am trying to create enthusiasm and engagement on my Facebook page. I believe doing it this way got a lot more response from those who would typically ignore my page. I wanted people to join the party and this was the incentive.

I did have a few penny pinchers come into the mix from this, but as time went on and prices went up they did move on along without too much bother. They purchased when the prices were low and then kept following for a little while after (liking and sharing my posts) and that interaction was very helpful and worth it.

I also pulled small artworks that I had created within the year to also post, giving me about 20-25 days worth of breathing room. You will need to stay on top of this and make sure you are always ahead of the “post of the day.” There were a few days when I got behind and was literally scanning and writing the post only 10 minutes before the deadline.

I also want to reiterate. You must pick a time of day that you will always post and stick to it. My posts were posted daily at 12pm CST. The reason for this is to create consistency and competition. When people know what time the post is happening, they will be online watching and waiting to “win” the chance to buy the art of the day, especially when you are posting the lower priced days. You may cringe as art is sold for $1, $2, $3, but as the work gets sold and people are getting excited your Facebook page will be visited more frequently than ever. They will see all future posts because they have been coming to you for weeks on end. It’s a good thing!

At this time I also set myself up with stay flat envelopes, acid free bags and stamps for the shipping. I decided to not charge for shipping as it would be an unexpected cost on their end and I wanted the buyers to have a great experience. It was my extra gift to them for buying and staying involved on the posts.

I also took a few progress pics that I posted on IG and shared to FB saying that I was working on the 100 days artworks. I shared time-lapse videos and anything fun to get people excited. If they liked one of the sneak peek posts then they would be there at 12 pm waiting to see if they could catch the artwork that they wanted.

I had people try to message me…hey when will such and such be posted for sale? etc etc before hand. I decided early on that I wouldn’t share this information. I would tell them nicely that it would be one of the 100 days, but that I couldn’t tell them the specific day for it to be fair to others. I would suggest setting an alarm for them to check my Facebook page daily. I also offered an email reminder if they needed it. I had about 10 people getting a daily email reminder to go to my Facebook page to see the post of the day. People wanted to get there first and buy before others.

Here is an example of my daily post:

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.10.55 AM

As you can see I had quite the reach and about 25 reactions on this one post, where as months before I was getting ZERO.

Let me go over the details of the post specifics:

#100DaysOfArt #Day100 HAPPY ECLIPSE DAY!!
^I always used these tags at the beginning of every post only changing the #Day and the Price. This is based on which day of the 100 days it is. When it sold, I changed it to “SOLD”
Title: Totality
Size: 12″x18″
Medium: India ink, blue, green, ochre, iridescent gold, white
^I listed the title, size and colors used. You could add anything you’d like here to give the details of your piece.
Price expires at 12 am!
^I started adding this because people started to ask. I did have 1 sale the next day and I allowed for that because this wasn’t defined yet. I tried to take off the price before 12 am each day.

You must be first to do all three to buy:

1) Comment: SOLD
2) ❤️ the image
3) Share this image

^I required that these 3 things be done in order to buy. This helped create engagement and increased my reach. You want them to “heart” instead of like because a reaction is better than a plain like for your posts. There were a few times when people raced to get these done to “win” the ability to buy. You will have to check the timestamps of the comments/shares to see who won.

For more information and future alerts to sales please visit: www.inkedfaithart.com/100-days

^I always added my website page. I had a page dedicated to the 100 days, but this could just be your website home page.

***All Artworks are the original creation of April M. Harris, all sales are final and no edits or additions will be available. Any reproduction will be prosecuted.***

^I added this after I had issues with one buyer wanting to edit her purchases after buying. You will find you don’t have time for these requests probably so I added this little blurb to keep these requests at bay. Also I tried to keep folks from downloading my image and printing themselves.


All of this needs to be thought out and consistent with every post, it helps people know what to expect and not be confused. It’s also more professional to be consistent.



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