100 Days Project, Fine Art

Walking a fine line

There is a fine line between consistently engaging with your followers and spamming them to death.

With the popularity of the pyramid scheme sales pitch from your social media acquaintances, the art of good social media marketing has become even harder to accomplish. The door is slammed shut before people even take a look. You are now one in a long line of people trying to sell something via social media. And once your potential customer has been burned once, they will likely avoid all “sale-sy” content at all costs.

Most of our customers are using social media as a social outlet that is casual and laid back. We grab our phones when we have nothing better to do. We relax in bed before falling asleep scrolling and scrolling until we get tired. The most aggravating thing is to get a telemarketing call in the middle of dinner, am I right? Well, it’s the same with social media. Don’t be that guy!

So how do you walk the line without falling off into a world of closed doors and no likes? FIRST, you get the concept of selling anything out of your mind. Don’t assume you can sell your work on social media and make a living from that channel alone. You have a huge bag of tricks at your disposal, relax and let’s get social not salesy.

Yes, your end game is to make a sale, but you need to think long-term. CHILL OUT.

Now that we are chilled out and have taken a step back…

What is your “WHY”?

Why are you doing this? What does it mean to you deep down? Now if you are like me, my why was to make art and for people to see it and enjoy it….I thought. But it took me time to realize that I had a bigger why. My why was that I wanted to use the beauty of the world (real and fantasy) to connect to a deeper part of each viewer. I want them to know that they are not alone and there is hope and beauty in the world. So what our surface why is, is shallow and really not very alluring or meaningful.

Once you know your WHY, you will base it all off of that. Your every action. Someone who wants others to know they aren’t alone and that there is hope…isn’t going to SALE SALE SALE. I want to know my audience like I would know a close childhood friend. I want to have friendship and have fun in my interactions.

This attitude alone changes everything.

A few years ago, my husband and I were extremely broke and living on bare minimum. I was trying to start a graphic design business and I was making so little it was really scary. We needed to pay the bills in a real world way. It was hard to see anything else. It was all consuming.

Today, I have a great job, as does my husband. Although we are not rich, we are doing ok. We aren’t in that scary place anymore.

The difference between the interaction I had on my social media way back then and now is black and white. I was too needy and too scared to see anything but the sale. Today, I am enjoying the journey because I am able to. I changed from being salesy to being friendly.

I changed from being salesy to being friendly.

All of this played into how I stepped into the 100 days of art project. I wanted to have fun and invite people to have fun with me. Almost like a party on my Facebook Page. I let go of the artwork selling and focused on the engagement.

Once you are there, you need to think about your followers. What are they into? What would they enjoy? And you need to find where your happiness meets their happiness and share that. A good friend of mine has a very successful Disney consulting business where she does podcasts, blog posts and social media. She shared with me that posting viral content (videos and posts with thousands to millions of views) along with my own work would help people see my posts. The viral content is like the food on the table at the party…it gets people gathered and interested. And once at the table I can share my cool party favors..my art! “Hey now that you’re here…check out what I made!”

So as you decide what time of day your 100 day post will be everyday (it needs to stay the same so people know it and remember it), you can then choose cool viral content to post around it. Schedule everything ahead. I liked to schedule posts weeks to a month ahead. As I see something cool, I schedule it. You also want to look at when your followers are online each day. This is where having a Facebook Page vs. a personal page comes in handy. Facebook gives you this info! For free! (for now) You can look at how many of your followers are online on Wednesday vs. Saturday. This is good stuff to know because you want your art post to be in that general time frame, then you want your viral posts to bookend your art post. Make sense?


Once you know your target time of the day, then you can start announcing your start date and time. I suggest starting at the beginning of a month. It will help you keep up with your days in the beginning as you get your feet wet.

In conclusion, make sure to change your focus and to not use your Facebook page as a sales pitch. Make your Facebook a warm and inviting hearth where you and your people can gather and have fun. Be friendly, not salesy. Next think about who your followers are and what they like and post viral content that they and you would enjoy. And last decide on the best time of day for your 100 day post and bookend that post with viral content.



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