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It’s Not Personal! (ok, it kinda is)

If you are taking requests for subjects, is your artwork really personal to you as an artist?

As an artist I have opted to take subject requests and commissions. I am not sure if I will continue to do this and not every artist “has to” do commissions. Most artists do not offer these sorts of offerings because it can be a headache in some cases.

I have regularly advertised that I do certain subject matter themes and don’t offer portraits (this is a very common request).

It’s really hard to tell people “no.”

As artists, we have the ability to opt out if a request goes against our normal voice and style. All of that put aside, by taking requests and making those artworks…is it really personal to me?

I think by having the ability to choose or not to choose to create something starts the personalization process of a commission or request. This is one of the big reasons that agreeing and accepting an artists ability to choose, will make the art BETTER.

Once I have agreed to a concept/idea, then I begin to think it over. This is the process that truly makes it personal. My version of a mermaid isn’t going to be exactly like another artists mermaid. I will be inspired by different things and will add things into the concept that are individual to myself. This makes the artwork very personal.

The more personal the artwork is, the more connection the artist has to the concept, the more the artist will put into the work. They will try harder and enjoy the process and therefore the result will be way more worth it.

In a way you could say, you will get your monies worth if you let the artist make the decisions about their work. They will put their heart into it and have more ownership. When you separate the artist from the idea, you create a disconnect that turns the idea/concept into a job and not personal to the artist.

I love getting requests, it challenges me. But, I do have to find my heart in the idea in order to succeed.

If you are interested in commissioning artwork, please email me at or visit my website contact page at



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