100 Days of Art

What do you do when you are super busy and have a toddler…you add more work!! Woohoo! Just Kidding.

Recently I was listening to a video podcast produced by “How to sell art online” that is an interview with Jolie Guillebeau. Ms. Guillebeau had created 100 artworks in a 100 days and had interesting results. She used an email to announce drawings every day. She ended up not selling everything but growing as an artist and extending her contacts.

I thought about it for a while and wrestled with the reasons that I might try to do something similar. I knew that I needed to make more small artworks because a had a few shops interested, but only if I had some smaller pieces to sell/show in their galleries. I had been trying to make things that were smaller but struggling with motivation. I also had been wanting more interaction with my followers on Facebook and was getting little to no attention on my posts. Which was really bothering me as time went on.

I decided to ask my Facebook friends on my personal account what they thought of this idea. I was scared to do so because I didn’t want to give the impression that I was trying to make money or that my art was cheap. In the end, many people were actually interested and even suggested ideas of things I could create within my subject matter range.

So I plunged forward and announced that May 1st I would begin posting and selling my drawings starting at $1.

Here are some of the details and guidelines that I posted on Facebook:

  1. All posts will be made @ 12 pm CST every day for 100 days
  2. Every artwork is priced by what day in the 100 is posted… Day 1= $1, Day 20=$20, Day 50= $50 etc. etc.
  3. The artwork is for sale at that price for only 12 hours!! So buy as soon as possible to be the first.
  4. These are ORIGINAL artworks that will be mailed @ no cost to you.
  5. You must comment SOLD, share the post and like the post in order to buy. If you only comment then someone else could get it!!
  6. I am taking requests!! The only stipulation is that it has to be within my subject range and smaller than 5″x7″ (Flora, Fauna, Christian, Abstracts, Fantasy…no specific characters because of copyright infringement)
  7. This is meant to have fun, create a little buzz and competition and for me to make lots and lots of art!!
  8. All artworks that are not sold will be for sale at a later date after the 100 days at full price.
  9. All artwork is created with Archival inks, Archival heavy 140 lb paper…so basically your great great great grand-kids could have this original in their house one day and it will look brand new!!
  10. I love you all for being interested in this, please share this post so that any of your friends that might be interested can see it and join in!

In addition to this, I will be scanning each artwork as a hi-res image. I will get the opportunity to sell these originals as prints to the shops, anything I don’t sell will go straight to the shops as well. This will give me 100 small artworks to cycle out and sell/show in various places. It will also give me the opportunity to stretch my art legs and try some subjects that I haven’t done before, but that are within my style. So I expect to grow creatively and to have great motivations every single day.

100 days squares inked faith art
I created this to keep a tally of works and days. I plan to fill it in with each artwork so that in the end I will have all 100 in one image.

I’m setting off on a great art journey and honestly, I’m super excited. Any money made will go into getting prints created and it’s a win-win all around. If this is successful for me then I may do it again some day.

Pray for me, send good vibes…It’s going to be arduous, but amazing!




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