State of a Nation

This is my most recent work. I completed it a couple months ago, but it has been a WIP that was a long time coming. I can’t honestly remember when this idea popped into my head, but I remember talking to a friend about it almost 7 years ago.

I am not a big political person, in fact I intentionally stay out of it. No news. No online articles. No Facebook quarrels. I STAY OUT OF IT. I do however, have a strong and passionate view on ethics, morality, humanity and faith. I care a lot about these things regardless of nationality, race, sexual orientation or any other demographic you want to place in the blank. I guess you could say I care about people.

I’ve often found that being simply respectful of humanity is a difficult thing for most. Especially after being on the internet, you quickly realize there are more folks against you than you ever realized.

My big scary demographic is that I’m a Christian. I have been an unbeliever around 27-30 years of my life and a Christian for about 7 years. Most people assume that I grew up “in the church” and have a southern baptist type of worldview. I suppose I also think science is fiction, dinosaurs are make believe, the earth is flat and all gay people are evil sinners. I must be the type of person who demands that others believe in what I do by insisting they need to “make Jesus their savior” in order to go to heaven. And of course, that’s what Christianity is all about right…just making sure I get that ticket to heaven, nothing else matters. (That’s sarcasm folks in case you missed it)

Obviously all of these things that people think are wrong, at least, they are for me. I may seem to be unusual, but I have found that’s not actually true. Those in the world who are unbelievers generally don’t and will not know God. They will look to people to prove God exists and will ultimately decide that He doesn’t, because…well…people.

I think in the end it is our differences that will always separate and create hate in most. If you can’t see me as merely human and not a demographic, then you will only see the thing that makes us different and therefore in that difference find misunderstanding, fear and eventually hate.

Our country is made up of a boiling pot of people. We are not all white and we are not all Christian and therefore we cannot pretend that because our circles do not encompass more variety that that variety does not exist. Those “others” are human too and deserve everything that you think your family deserves. EVERYTHING. You are not an island, you are apart of a more complex system of hearts and souls that deserve safety, shelter, and all human rights.

I am different than you. I want to be safe too. Let’s be kind to each other and offer to stand up for each other. We both deserve it.



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