Donating “Holy thou art”

I am so excited to share this new development! For years now I have wanted to do something for a local non-profit group called The Wellhouse. I was pondering selling artwork to donate the proceeds to the group. I researched it and tried to find some way to use my art to help others…any group, in any way possible.

Here is a video about The Wellhouse: The Sex Trafficking Superhighway

I want so badly for my art to make a difference, in just to touch someone else’s heart or bring closure or self realization to their own journey in life, or in any way that might mean more than just pretty picture on a wall.

I decided just this past week to do something drastic! I am donating an original artwork to The Well-House group. It’s scary because, I feel like I’m losing something of myself in giving this artwork away. It’s one of my most treasured. It’s only the second that I created in this style.

However, if it would mean adding something to this group’s purpose and mission..I think it’s worth it.

I will keep a hi-res digital file for prints and reproductions, but this large piece will soon find its home elsewhere.

So excited!



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