Creating a website

Sometimes its really fun to work on your own website and sometimes…in the wee hours when you can’t seem to make sense of things like servers and domains and ftp’s you almost want to give up. But, since you did all this work…

I think I’ve made a million personal websites. Half of them never come into existence. I have them on my computer of course, waiting just in case. I have a graphic design website or two or three…who knows really. I have a few illustration sites as well.

Fortunately I can recycle things like background textures and social media buttons. Those are universal unless you decide to make a set using a pink swatch (which I have if you need them).

Then it’s the matter of sifting through all of the cloud storage, all of the similarly named folders and duplicate graphics. This is a nightmare! I really need to do some cleaning up and organizing but the idea is just…well let’s just say a GoT’s marathon sounds much more appeasing.

Anyway, if anyone knows how in the heck to get a website online…I need help! 🙂



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