At the beginning of the year, I began a 21 day prayer and fast with my church. I had great hopes that doing something like this would bring me closer to God. I put my all into those first couple weeks, then the last week I caught an awful cold that knocked me out. The next thing I knew I had missed a couple of the prayer sessions.

My first thought was I had failed, this was it…I wasn’t going to get the breakthrough I truly needed. Then the Holy Spirit quickly changed my thoughts “You haven’t failed. You did the best you could being sick. You can still end strong. God isn’t going anywhere.

So I asked my husband if he would pray with me (you know 2 is better than 1, they say). And to my surprise he was happy to, although not as fiercely passionate, he agreed. We prayed a couple times together, then I prayed on my own again. The last day or so, maybe it was Day 21 or 22 or 23? I was praying fiercely on my own. Crying out to God I found a great many answers that had been weighing me down for decades.

One of which reminded me that I need not worry about what the world thinks. Worldliness is not ideal. We are to be IN the world, not OF it.

No, you don’t have to keep up with the Jones’. It really doesn’t matter if your house is spick-n-span 24/7. You don’t have to be a size 2 or have the new shoes or purse your friends have. All those mama’s out there…they don’t have anything over you. You are GOD’S CHILD.

That is not to say that I am better, on the contrary it just means I have a different standard that I live buy. It’s not about rules or going to heaven but in creating a life of love and generosity the world has not yet seen. I am not better than anyone. But, I am not a door mat either.

Today I came across a new album to worship/exercise to! I am so excited about it. I am sure it’s been out for years and I am just now hearing it. It’s about being new, new things. I have a great many things to change in my life, but I feel strongly that one of them has already been made new.

I felt so strongly about this new music, I immediately put on my running shoes and got going. I felt God telling me that this was it, the motivation and energy He wanted to give me to get through the 100+ lb weight loss journey I needed desperately to begin. As I danced around the track at the local park I felt amazing! I prayed, I worshiped and I felt God’s presence…one step at a time. 1 hour later, I drove home to post this blog asap. This is a HUGE turnaround!

I look forward to sharing many more uplifting posts in the future ❤



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