Finding the time

I-never-know-what-to-say-when-people-ask-me-what-mI am a mom. I’m a “new” mom, meaning I have one child that just turned one. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the mom thing yet.

But, from what I can tell by perusing online, lots of moms don’t have it all worked out. I don’t know how many more memes about abandoned laundry I can stand. I am working and blogging and my laundry is still sitting downstairs in the laundry basket…it’s clean, but there it sits.

I could name a million things that need to be done (just ask my husband), I always have a list. It’s the list I go over first thing every morning and last thing before I finally manage to close my eyes. Not much gets done on the list, but it is always there. As soon as something gets marked off in my mind two more things fall into it’s place. I have PLENTY to do. PLENTY.

On top of this I work from home as a graphic designer for a large corporation. I tend to end up over scheduling and making promises that I am then forced to keep per deadlines. It’s stressful but also fun. I end up working really late sometimes to my family’s detriment.

So when do I create? When do I draw?

Well all those Netflix marathons…not necessary. Oh but I love them….

So, just like any other added responsibility, you have to CHOOSE to do it. You make time to workout? You can make time to create art. You make time to read the latest novel? You can make time to create art. You make time to dust and vacuum…brush your teeth…change a diaper…YOU CAN MAKE TIME TO CREATE ART!! (note: I have to learn this, I have to know it and live it.) It’s hard to do.

I have a book of thumbnails that I want to create larger pieces of. I would love to do some time lapse videos or even a live session on Facebook. I want to create art and have fun doing it. I want to share it and keep recording my life through my art. It teaches me so much about myself and about God. I miss it.

Who’s with me??


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