A journal of faith

Not many people realize that most of my ink paintings are like journal entries. Of course, this is merely by accident. I typically am inspired by a thought, dream, lyrics, current news but then something happens in the process that personalizes it.

I start with simple sketches, mostly tiny thumbnails of an idea. I draw out the idea on my paper and begin to ink. The idea then begins to grow and take shape while I am inking. Just like any meditative act, I think about things as I hatch and cross-hatch my way across the paper. Then I decide to add a detail, mid-inking, then another. I never know what the final painting will look like. It’s always developing and metamorphosing while I work. There is no plan…

This is why I think I will call them “paintings” and not “drawings.” It’s not just taking an idea and drawing it out. I actually let it flow from my pen with no detail in mind until the very moment it happens. It’s live and evolving. Because the media is permanent, once an idea has been recognized it can’t be hidden or removed. It’s there staring back at you with unabashed truth and honesty.

Most of my paintings reflect the inner workings of my life and faith. As a christian, my struggles and journey inevitably reveal themselves whether I intended to or not. Years after I have finished a painting I can look back at it and remember what I was going through then. I see new meanings in the details and decisions I made. I am often surprised at how exposed it makes me feel.

Many times, like most artwork, the viewer sees what they want to through their own experiences. And so, thankfully it isn’t too revealing, but transcends into each individuals personal journey. I believe the best art reveals the artist, but also reveals something new to the viewer about themselves. It’s about a soul connection that hits home.

I hope to share my journey with you and through my art you will see life in a fresh and introspective way that enlightens.



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