Called to be brave

Today, I noticed my little boy's tiny finger nails getting too long. He was playing outside digging in the dirt and grass, playing with bits of sticks and picking the leaves off the small bushes he could reach. His nails have bits of grass and dirt under them like a little child's nails should. His... Continue Reading →


Time to rest

It's the most wonderful time of year when the holidays come around. I love the Christmas decorations, music, lights and time spent with family. But, it's also the most stressful time of year...for me and my family. Only 6 years ago, we lost my dad in a motorcycle accident. We had his funeral in December.... Continue Reading →

The Care Giver’s life

This morning I woke up between 3-4-5 AM, as my son cried from his room and or climbed into bed with us multiple times. At night he clings to his daddy. In fact, Mason handles most of his night waking. He would much rather snuggle against his dad and be encircled within his strong arms,... Continue Reading →

The other side of the coin

Lately, I am bothered a lot by the feeling that the majority of women artists feel they are in competition with one another. That helping a friend or even a stranger may some how hurt their own chances of succeeding. I intentionally share other artists websites, social media accounts and work on my own artists... Continue Reading →

It’s a journey

Lately I have been feeling pulled in so many directions, it's crazy. My ideas are piling up beside me as I try to spend detailed time on each and every project.  Recently I even had to recreate one piece all over again. I have many commissions that are on a waiting list. My social media... Continue Reading →

Getting your hands dirty

Once you schedule the start date of your 100 days of Art project and announce it to others where do you begin? How do you do the work and get the ideas? First create an event on the day of your chosen start date from your artist Facebook page. From here you can invite friends... Continue Reading →

Walking a fine line

There is a fine line between consistently engaging with your followers and spamming them to death. With the popularity of the pyramid scheme sales pitch from your social media acquaintances, the art of good social media marketing has become even harder to accomplish. The door is slammed shut before people even take a look. You... Continue Reading →

Igniting interest

In the age of social media and online marketing, how do we as artists strike up a burning interest in our Facebook pages? As my 100 Days of Art project comes to a close, I am taking a moment to look back and take note of where I started in comparison to where I am... Continue Reading →

To be or not to be

When did you know you wanted to be an artist? This is an easy and yet difficult question to answer. As I believe it is for all creatives. We often struggle even calling ourselves "artist" let alone deciding we want to be one. I have been an "artist" all my life. I loved coloring and... Continue Reading →

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